Started to accept orders of letterpress items

March 21, 2022

Orion Letterpress Printing Room offers letterpress printing experiences as well as orders for business cards, store cards, store items, wedding items, and a variety of other letterpress items.

Store card production using various types of paper

There are approximately 20,000 characters in the Orion Letterpress Printing Room. Japanese is a language with a vast number of characters, including hiragana, katakana, kanji, and alphabets.

a line of type on a horse

From such a large number of printed letters, we pick up each letter of your name, address, phone number, etc.

Some of the letters may be missing.
In such cases, we can order them for you.
However, there are some characters that do not exist even if you search all over Japan.

We will search as hard as we can.

Please feel free to contact us and consult with us first.

In addition to orthodox items by picking up type, we can also produce more creative works using zinc and resin plates.

You can also specify the type of paper and printing color.
In addition to basic colors, we can also handle original special colors. (Please specify DIC or PANTONE standard, CMYK color specification.)

Paper samples, inks, and example works are available at the store.
We can also order paper that is not available in our stores or bring it in.

you can experience the culture of letterpress printing.
Feel free to contact us.

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